Why Choose LifeSize ?

LifeSize was the first company to deliver high definition video communications products. Since then other entrants have attempted to introduce similar offerings or high-end telepresence suites, but LifeSize offers the very best price-to-performance on the market. With LifeSize Room intended for large, geographically distributed participants in multiple locations and LifeSize Team geared for smaller, remote project groups, LifeSize is able to provide organizations of all sizes a high quality, high performance, cost-effective high definition video communications experience.

Founded in 2003 by industry veterans, LifeSize’s award winning solutions delivers superior quality, high definition video communications over ubiquitous IP networks. LifeSize systems were created specifically for the human experience, with transparent technology and complete reliability ensuring each and every interaction is meaningful. Their commitment to constant innovation enables them to deliver the best price-to-performance products anywhere, the highest quality at all bandwidths and new generation architecture built with the utmost integrity and interoperability.