Healthcare Industry

Quality, security and reliability are critical factors to healthcare professionals that use video communications in order to perform their daily job responsibilities. Whether you are a physician, educator, medical practitioner or student, having access to superior video communications allows you to provide more interactive patient care, conduct more effective training and research, and expand your overall client reach.

LifeSize's innovative high definition technology allows healthcare professionals to experience the very best quality video communications available on the market. With nearly 10X the quality of existing videoconferencing systems, LifeSize's high definition video communications products can serve the widest range of business applications - whether communicating with peers, offering client consultations, assisting in specialized surgeries or conducting patient evaluations, now it will seem like you are actually in the same room.

LifeSize is partnering with integrators that are well experienced in providing videoconferencing support to healthcare professionals and institutions. We are proud to provide high definition video communications products that serve the vast needs of healthcare practitioners, educators and administrators worldwide.